• Certified DNase- and RNase-free
  • Recommended temperature range: -80 to +120 °C
  • Film: aluminum, 50 μm thick
  • Adhesive: acrylic, 50 μm thick
  • Properties: pierceable
  • 0mil aluminum foil minimizes shredding during removal; ideal for cold storage
  • Conformable foil allows visual verification of seal security around each well
  • Pierceable with a pipet tip or robotic probe for direct sample recovery
  • Excellent chemical resistance (e.g. DMSO)
  • Thicker foil and adhesive than other Alumium Sealing products for best performance in long-term
  • Cold-storage applications.
  • A single non-perforated end tab simplifies application to the plate
  • Universal fit for use with all plate types (e.g. flat top and raised-rim)
  • The smaller dimensions and rounded corners result in no plate overhang for robotics applications
  • Specially formulated adhesive provides an excellent seal to minimize evaporation, reduce cross-contamination and prevent spillage
  • Removes easily and cleanly from plate surfaces
  • Features a single end-tab with perforations for ease of handling, application and removal
  • Applications: PCR, Long-Term Storage, Light Sensitive Assays, Robotics

SMB 鋁箔封膜

  • Cat No. Description Packaging
    SMB-FAC-N Alumium Cold Storage Sealing Foils, Non-Sterile 100 per pkg
    SMB-FAC-S Alumium Cold Storage Sealing Foils, Sterile 50 per pkg