• Certified DNase- & RNase- free
  • Recommended temperature range: -40 to +120 °C
  • Film: polyester, 50 μm thick
  • Adhesive: acrylic, 25 μm thick
  • Properties: non-pierceable
  • Designed to be used with both polystyrene and polypropylene plates
  • Secure sealing of all wells minimizes evaporation, prevents spillage and contamination between wells, and eliminates “edge eff ects” in sensitive ELISA assays
  • Removes easily and cleanly from plate surfaces
  • Minimizes aerosols upon film removal
  • Features two end-tabs with perforations for ease of handling, application and removal
  • Applications: ELISA, Incubation, Storage

SMB 密封膜

  • Cat No. Description Packaging
    SMB-F2100T ELISA Plate Sealing Film, Non-Sterile 100 per pkg
    SMB-FG-N General Purpose Film, Non-Sterile 100 per pkg
    SMB-FG-S General Purpose Film, Sterile 100 per pkg