dna-binding ELISA for activated c-Myc transcription factor


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TransAM c-Myc Kits provide everything needed to study activated c-Myc, including a positive control extract. The c-Myc kit can be used with human and mouse extracts. TransAM c-Myc Kits contain an antibody specific for the active form of c-Myc when bound to its target DNA. Recombinant c-Myc protein is available separately to generate an optional protein standard curve. The Myc gene is a proto-oncogene that codes for a transcription factor that regulates cell growth, differentiation, glycolysis and apoptosis. c-Myc is a cellular homolog of the avian retroviral v-myc oncogene and belongs to the Myc family, which also includes N-myc and L-myc. Translocations and deregulation of c-Myc have been implicated in cancers such as hematopoi